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Photography is everything in my life. As a wedding photographer I not only capture photographs, but curate love stories.  


As a visual artist, I see weddings as an ideal opportunity to create fine art. My clients book me for my ability to create dramatic “Signature Art” pieces.


As a child, I loved painting and was fascinated by the dramatic and surreal. Educated in various fields of the fine arts, I found my true passion in photography.  


To me, growth is important, not only in all the equipment I own, but also in my skills and mind. I love getting new perspectives from the finest photography workshops and exhibitions. 


For me, expectations are key when booking a photographer.  Our communication is paramount. There needs to be a clear understanding on both sides. This is why I take time to understand you. To gather your vision, your thoughts and expectations. Only then can I exceed them.  

About Carly

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